introducing mimo, the mighty mariner

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introducing TAB LAB beta

TAB LAB lets you virtually try out endless possibilities so everyone can find the perfect look to start the school year off right!

*warning: TAB LAB has been known to cause a fingerprint-frenzy on your computer screen so get your wipes ready!

the next generation of kids shoes

designed for kids

PLAE uses the biometric science generally reserved for elite athletes to craft a shoe that protects the natural development of children’s feet.


PLAE won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2014 for product design with the roan style.


PLAE features one-of-a-kind interchangeable tabs (straps) allowing kids to express themselves by personalizing their style.

PLAE video

want to learn more about PLAE? check out our videos page!

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why plae?

kids put their shoes to the test. PLAE is ready for them.


active traction



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inside PLAE

learn about how we think about PLAE.

every shoe has a story. every pair of PLAE shoes has been hand-crafted with many pairs of hands adding their special touch.

what happens when a big kid has kids?

for the inner Basquiat or Botticelli in every child

not sure how our tabs work? take a look and see!

the debut shoe of Oliver’s collaboration with PLAE features hand-drawn characters inspired by real life personalities.

what our customers say

we love our new PLAE shoes! Lemi has never had a shoe preference before we put PLAE shoes on, but now all he says is other shoes aren't like them and he can run and wiggle his toes. he won't touch any other shoe! he stalked our mail lady until she brought his ‘good shoes.’

- Tory

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